What are you making space for?

Hello November ❍

As we find ourselves just short of the last 60 days of the year, what are you making room for in your life?

2020 has been, well, complicated to say the least.
Between tremendous amounts of solo time, reflection…naps (so many naps…), there have also been moments of joy, gratitude and hope. 
But still, anxiety has run high, and the isolation is hard. habits and routines took a hit, and finding the silver lining hasn’t always been easy. 
And here, the snow and the cold air has arrived asking us to stay in, but what if we used this time to look inward as well?

For me, I’m dedicating the last 60 days of this year to myself.
Committing to things that make me feel most like myself and leading with grace. Staying soft in places that need it, being gentle with my body when it is asking for space and breaks, but also reconnecting with the rituals that bring me back to centre.

My Daily Ritual List

✧ 30 Minutes of Movement : without committing to a specific type of movement, I’m giving my body the space to decide what it needs.
Hike in the woods? Sure.
Yoga mid-day? Yes!
Night time stretch? Absolutely!
Without a full commitment to ONE type of exercise I can adjust each day without guilt of not completing specific tasks while still feeding it with endorphins and getting a bit of a stretch.

I have been using YogaGlo for the last few years, and especially since January for online classes with a massive collection to hit any need, level and length.

✧ Cross-Word in the Morning : I started doing this in September, and have since done it every single day as soon as I wake up. My husband has been doing cross words as part of his morning ritual for at least the last 2 years, and honestly, I’m mad it took me so long to jump on the train.
This is the one I do:

✧ Palo Santo with Coffee : The order is fluid: coffee, cross-word, palo — cross-word, coffee, palo — palo, coffee, cross-word…
whatever the order, it doesn’t matter, as long as it’s before the email is checked, before the phone comes out, and is done in bed.
Each part of this is a mini ritual that just works best without distractions.
Set your intention, clear your mind, sip your coffee.

✧ Chamomile Tea at Night : Easier said than done. Night time rituals are HARD! Especially for a gal like me who requires her tea to be basically just above room temperature. This means, tea time before bed has to be put in motion well before bed in order to boil water, steep the tea, let it cool and enjoy it.
I am fully aware that sounds ridiculous.
I ask for an ice cube put in my Starbucks coffee orders.
I get it, but me and hot drinks are not on.
This round about story is all to say that a chamomile tea at night, for me, is a mindful activity that requires effort and time management. But, it is worthwhile to create the triggers that tell the body that it is time for relaxing, releasing melatonin, and that bed time is soon.

✧ Weekly Tarot Read for Tuning into my Intuition : This is the space and time I give myself as a gift to re-connect with my inner voice.
Sometimes I don’t know where to look when my world seems to be out of my control, and I’ve found that spending time and looking inwards can be as grounding as anything else.
Ask yourself the questions you really want guidance with. Sit in the discomfort of not having clarity, and pull a card. See what happens. Energy speaks louder than words, and tarot picks up on yours. Let it speak.

Keeping it simple, but small moments dedicated to myself.
The list is not big, and the time spent will fill my cup and re-connect my body, mind and spirit, which this year and, to be honest, 2019 as well, as been completely out of whack.
I’ve felt lost at times, and I am looking forward to seeing how deciding to focus on healing myself changes not only how I see myself, but also how I see the world.

How will YOU spend your next 60 Days?

With the fleeting nature of this season, how we spend our days, hours, moments — matters.

What will this season look like for you?
How will you spend your next 60 days?

Let me know below, and let’s find the space to find ourselves again in these next 60 days xx