Elemental AIR


air signs: gemini • libra • aquarius

“she is both the push and the pull.
a fluid dance between dark and light, her effort and ease.

soft, but not delicate.

she is a peace keeper, though unafraid to declare her truth for what she believes in.
she is a loving gaze.

the pause between dusk and day, there the past lets go and steps into tomorrow…”


· Each piece is designed, formed, and created in our studio with the intention of marking the moments of your life
· 14k gold plated chain measures 20″


Each piece is hand-crafted in our studio in Northern Alberta. From design to execution, we take pride in our slow, alchemical process in the creation of every piece in the Talisman collection.
Because of the intricate nature of this creating process, each piece is distinctly unique, bespoke, and made to order for you.

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