Lavender Candy Necklace


inspired  by the nostalgia  + magic of days  by the lake, nights around a campfire, our Candy necklace is an ode to our youth.
celebrate the kitsch of childhood, but honour who you are today with bright + colourful stacking necklaces.

grown-up Candy Necklaces are the perfect addition to your summer stack… a pop of colour, a new texture, wear it alone or stack it up for an eclectic, beautiful look.

our hand-knotted “Candy” necklaces are made with lavender hued Australian Opal, a rainbow of colourful stones. variety is the spice of life, and no two stones, or necklaces are the same.


· All pieces are hand knotted on silk string for strength and durability
· Ethically mined Australian Opal from Jaipur, India
· 16k White Gold Plated Links and Clasp
· This piece measures 16″


Each piece is hand-crafted in our studio in Northern Alberta. From design to execution, we take pride in our slow, alchemical process in the creation of every piece in the Talisman collection.
Please note that because of the unique nature of the stones themselves, each piece will be uniquely one of a kind.
Because of the intricate nature of this creating process, each piece is distinctly unique, bespoke, and made to order for you.

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