the art of building sanctuary and community, of inviting closeness and paying attention to what makes us feel open hearted and alive; a feeling of belonging to the moment and to each other

The cold winter wind has turned into a gentle cool breeze: Spring has arrived.

Living in Northern Alberta, it takes very little to make the mental shift to a new season: Break out those Birkenstocks {and socks}! Hang up that jacket! Put away those mittens! It’s time to feel the air on our bare skin.

With that being said, we’ve just spent months cultivating our most cozy, hygge-vibed space. We have blankets upon blankets, we have all the candles and of course, a plethora of warm drinks to choose from. We have spent the winter embracing the season and the quiet moments of togetherness, choosing to make magic in the darkest months.
This beautiful feeling of cozy, however, does not need to be winter dependent!

Hygge, at its core, is about mindfulness.
It’s about embracing small, quiet moments, and savouring the simplicity of the now.
It’s about creating a space that welcomes you with both its visual appeal and its intangible, calm, “hygge” vibe.
By shifting our focus away from the constraints of what we have thought HYGGE to mean, and to a wider, more holistic and year-round experience, we are able to shift our hygge from season to season.

As we move into spring, here are a few of our favourite ways to have a Hygge Spring:

Bring Some Outdoors In
Whether you decide to go out and forage some long grasses, cut some branches to force some blooms or set a budget for some weekly flowers from your local florist, bringing some of Mother Natures bounty into your home is a good place to start.
The visual appeal and the scent alone is comforting and calming.

Open Your Windows
The smell of the earth is in the air, the birds are migrating, and the breeze is warming up.
Now is the time to soak it all in.
Light a candle, grab a cozy sweater or blanket, and sit by the window with your coffee… let the mug warm your hands s you listen to the aubade of morning.

For me, I love to leave the windows open at night all year, but especially in the spring. I pile the blankets high and enjoy the crisp, fresh air all night.

Go For a Walk
Wake up.
Fill your mug.
Put you shoes on.
Just go.

Whether you head out in the morning while the world still feels drowsy, or in the evening as dusk sets in, either is the perfect time for a HYGGE walk.
Listening to a podcast, a book, some music or just to your own surroundings is the perfect way to reconnect to your own mindfulness and create a ritual all of your own.

If you have been working from home, like me, I tend to think go my morning walk as my walk to work!
A small, quick reset before starting my day.
The act of getting out and about is a perfect time to spend some 1:1 time with your thoughts and the time away from your usual space can sometimes be the best place to find new inspirations and ideas.

Spend Time Near Dirt
Does that sound strange?
However, after months of snow cover, the earth is damp and fragrant: the smell of spring is literally everywhere.
We are reminded of the beauty of transformation right in front of our eyes, and all of our sense can be brought to life in this magical time.
Two of our favourite way to spend some time near the dirt is Re-Earthing and Forest Bathing...

Re-Earthing: grounding yourself through the energies of the planet, paying attention to your breath, and the small things that make you feel alive and openhearted.
Often, re-earthing involves getting your bare feet or hands right in the dirt, touching and feeling the earth beneath you. This is such a great meditative practice that always brings us back to our self .

Forest Bathing: originates from the japanese practice called shinrin-yoku. shinrin in Japanese means “forest,” and yoku means “bath.” Shinrin-yoku means bathing in the forest atmosphere; immersing one’s self in the bountiful mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual benefits of nature.

Forest Bathing is not hiking, but slowly immersing yourself in the magic of the forest. It’s purpose is healing, and can often spark creativity or problem solving.

Light the Candles
Of course, last but not least, is to light the candles.
Candle season, in our opinion, is an all year act of mindfulness, ritual and HYGGE.
As the sun sets, let the sound of the flickering flame and the amber glow bring you peace of mind as the day comes to a close.
You can light your candle outside on the patio, or right near your coziest space on the couch. Let it be the moment that closes our your day and brings you back to your calm.

So good luck, Hygge lovers ♡
Hopefully you are still finding space to create these little moments for yourself, and maybe you’ve found something new to try with our little spring Hygge guide.

Let us know in the comments how you Hygge in the spring xx