Hello, sweet friend!

Here we are again, after a hiatus, officially back online!
Thank you for your endless patience while we got our shit together.
Life, over the past 2 years, threw us some curve balls we didn’t see coming, and for a big part of the last little bit the business had to take a ride in the back seat.

The ebbs and flows of small business are exactly that. Nothing is perfect and the only thing you can expect is the unexpected. I am incredibly grateful for the âme community as we have taken our time to get back into the swing of things, and let me tell you… we are incredibly excited to be here again, and even more so for what is to come!

What You Can Expect From Us Here

As we have grown and learned, we are also evolving to bring you a more holistic shopping experience.
We want to help you connect to your most authentic self: to find words that resonate to with you and make you feel seen.
We use traditional methods to make pieces for you. Each piece by hand, within the cozy space of our little studio in northern Alberta.

We are slowly, and mindfully working on expanding our offerings.
Within the next year, we will be bringing you a new collection (we literally cannot wait to share those details soon!), some exciting collaboration pieces with brands that we love, and a selection of beautiful items that we feel will add value and joy to your life.

âme // french
(n) soul; the essence of a living being

We believe in the magic that can be found is special objects and meaningful gifts. We look forward to the next chapter of our journey and better connecting with you along the way xx