Tenalach Bracelet

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(channa-lock) • Gaelic
the relationship one has with the land, the air, the water; a deep connection that makes you one with nature

“she sat on the edge of the mountain, barefoot, staring at the reflection of the sky on the water below – dreaming of the unapologetic life she was creating”


Partnered with Tree Era Canada
For every Tenalach piece sold, we commit to planting 5 trees.
We hold our relationship with our forests, the waters and the planet as sacred and are thrilled to participate in creating a greener future.

· All pieces are made of 16k white, yellow or rose gold plated brass
· 6″ Circumference
Each piece is hand-crafted and hand-engraved in our studio using traditional methods, and an inherited vintage, heirloom engraver from 1938
Because of the intricate nature of this creating process, each piece is distinctly unique, bespoke, and made to order for you.
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