Palo Santo Bundle


Bundle of 3 pieces of Palo Santo Wood with Okanagan Lavender + Selenite Piece

With the earthy scent of pine, mint and lemon, Palo Santo has been used for healing and good fortune over centuries.
Harvested from a wild tree native to Ecuador and Peru, its essence is believed to clear a space of any lingering, stagnant energy.

We believe there are lessons in the ritual of burning Palo Santo wood, and that with intention, you can exist in the moment, in your dreams, in wherever it is you feel at peace.

Burned as a cleansing incense and used as a smudging tool to release a space from negative forces, Palo Santo wood invites practice with intention.

With a piece of selenite, a stone representing light and purity, and a small bundle of lavender, we welcome you to create a space that encourages creativity and peace.

working in partnership with sustainable farming organizations in Peru to ensure the safe harvesting of Palo Santo.

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